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Do I need Antibiotic Cover before Dental Treatment? Part 2

Continued from Part 1

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The new guidelines are aimed at individuals who would have the greatest risk of a bad outcome if they developed a heart infection.

Antibiotics cover prior to a dental procedure is advised for individuals with: Continue reading

Do I need Antibiotic Cover before Dental Treatment? Part 1

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Prophylaxis is the prevention of an occurrence. In surgery this is usually infection or thromboembolism (Occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus that has broken away from a blood clot formed within a blood vessel). Prophylaxis used to prevent the occurrence of bacterial infection is quite different from treating an established infection. Continue reading

Understand why are your kids crying, angry or even fearful

Kids tend to show their feelings more than adults. Therefore, the dentist and the parents have to work their way out to understand and control the kids feelings and ensure that they are comfortable with all the dental treatments.

Distress or Cry

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At birth : Primary emotion present at birth with vigorous body expressions usually due to hunger, colic or other internal cause.

At 6 months : It is greatly replaced by milder expression of fussing or vocalization.

During preschool : It is seen less, only for the reactions of physical pain as he is thwarted by his environment.

During school years : Pressure helps him to outgrow the crying habit which deceases rapidly. After this till 15 years old, crying occurs very seldom.

In young adults : Ultimately it becomes a limited quiet crying in private only for reasons of grief or other intense emotions.

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Benefits of Dental Tourism

(Phuket) Dental tourism provides monetary savings, opportunity and convenience to travel to an exotic destination

Dental Tourism means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures. These treatments generally are expensive in one’s own country. Dental tourism is gaining momentum and popularity as more and more people realize that the benefit of dental tourism besides monetary savings also provides for the possibility, opportunity and convenience to travel to an exotic destination. Dental care ordeal in the U.S. is causing many U.S. insurers, employers and dental insurance agents to take creative and innovate ways to reduce dental care costs whereby the U.S. Employers and Insurance Carriers are saving approximately 90% of the cost of their dental care expenses and hence find it extremely beneficial in taking up dental tourism. Continue reading

Ever wonder how a dentist is so good at managing children ?

pediatric dentistNon pharmacological management of children s dental  in the dental surgery

Non pharmacological means without the use of any drugs or medicine to manage or control a child’s behavior in the dental surgery so that dental treatment can be done. Most pediatric dentist will use this common method on your children. The method of using drugs or pharmacological methods are usually reserved for those really anxious or extremely uncontrollable children. A useful example would be the use of nitrous oxide in Pediatric dental clinics. Although it was not very popular 10 years ago, it is a commonly practiced now.

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