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Do I need Antibiotic Cover before Dental Treatment? Part 2

Continued from Part 1

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The new guidelines are aimed at individuals who would have the greatest risk of a bad outcome if they developed a heart infection.

Antibiotics cover prior to a dental procedure is advised for individuals with: Continue reading

Do I need Antibiotic Cover before Dental Treatment? Part 1

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Prophylaxis is the prevention of an occurrence. In surgery this is usually infection or thromboembolism (Occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus that has broken away from a blood clot formed within a blood vessel). Prophylaxis used to prevent the occurrence of bacterial infection is quite different from treating an established infection. Continue reading

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Teeth Clean?

Hollywood star with very white teeth

We were told to brush our teeth twice daily since we were young, but do you ever wonder why? Clean teeth are not only important for our daily social life, it is also important for maintaining our general health. As we get older, our teeth also play an important part in our appearance. Whenever we smile or laugh, our pearly whites are the first thing that are seen by our companions. If we have dirty, yellow stained teeth, they are going to give other people an impression that we do not take care of our hygiene properly. In fact, many famous Hollywood stars and actors even went to the lengths of bleaching their teeth into an extreme shade of white, just to have a more perfect smile. Without teeth, our bone surrounding the teeth will also get resorbed faster. Often, toothless people will have a shortened lower facial height, resulting in a ‘collapsed’ look. When our bones are resorbed, our lips will also lose their support, which will also cause an unaesthetic appearance. Continue reading