Benefits of Dental Tourism

(Phuket) Dental tourism provides monetary savings, opportunity and convenience to travel to an exotic destination

Dental Tourism means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures. These treatments generally are expensive in one’s own country. Dental tourism is gaining momentum and popularity as more and more people realize that the benefit of dental tourism besides monetary savings also provides for the possibility, opportunity and convenience to travel to an exotic destination. Dental care ordeal in the U.S. is causing many U.S. insurers, employers and dental insurance agents to take creative and innovate ways to reduce dental care costs whereby the U.S. Employers and Insurance Carriers are saving approximately 90% of the cost of their dental care expenses and hence find it extremely beneficial in taking up dental tourism.

Employers and insurance companies in the U.S., Canada and the European Union are now starting to look at the potential to “outsource their dental care” and send a large number of patients overseas to international hospitals specializing in Dental Tourism. Below I will list just some of the many benefits of travelling abroad for your dental care. As you read, you may be surprised to see there are far more benefits than simply saving a lot of money.

1. The opportunity to discover a new country

(India) Besides the procedure and a couple days of recovery, you will have time to relax and have fun

This is a major benefit to some. When you are told that you have a major dental procedure which needs to be done, you may think of this as a negative. You might think of all the time, cost, and begin to think that you have had just a bad stroke of luck with your teeth.

However, bad stuff happens to people. This is a fact of life. Accept that this needs to be done and turn the negative into a possible. Use this as a reason to take that long awaited holiday that you’ve been talking about. Besides the procedure and a couple days of recovery, you will have a lot of time to relax and have fun. If you are traveling to Slovakia for your dental holiday, consider visiting Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague – 4 capital cities in just 4 days! Or take a trip to the High Tatra mountains. Enjoy your time away from work by combining your holiday and dental procedure into one.

2. Dental treatment abroad is cost effective
As mentioned throughout the Dental Holiday website, traveling abroad for your dental care will save you thousands of pounds. Where a procedure may cost £7,000 back home in London, it might cost £3,000 which is inclusive of your entire dental holiday.

3. Dental treatment abroad is convenient


This may be the hardest to believe, but it’s true. How can travelling abroad to have your dental work done be more convenient than having it done in back home?

Depending on the procedure, you may have many multiple dental appointments to go through before you can proceed with your dental treatment. For some people taking a half day off from work 6 times over 6 months is just not an option.

However, with cheap flights from London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, or Dublin your dental treatment is just 1-2 hrs away and most dental procedures can be done in just 1 or 2 short visits. You can find out everything you need to know can be found out directly from the dental clinic abroad via telephone, email or even video chat. You can even select the date your dental treatment will take place and the dentist will work around your schedule. Not the other way around.

4. No waiting period
Our patients tell me that this is one of the most important points for them, even more important than the cost savings sometimes. Why wait for your dental treatment when waiting is not needed?

As mentioned above, if you go abroad for your dental care, your dentist will work around you schedule. You are not going to be told you need to wait three months for a procedure you want done immediately. You are able to book an immediate appointment and even speak to your dentist from your home.

5- Affordable AND great service
By going abroad for your dental service you are throwing away old outdated traditions and stepping into the new world. The old idea of getting what you pay for will quickly become a fallacy. Just because the dental work will be a fraction of the cost does not mean service will be the same.

In fact, by going abroad for your dental treatment you will often get better service. In Slovakia, a higher level of dental service can be seen compared to any dental practice back in the UK. It’s like going to a 5 star dentist and clinic for the price of 3 star. You truly have to experience this to believe the level of service you will receive.