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Ever wonder how a dentist is so good at managing children ?

pediatric dentistNon pharmacological management of children s dental  in the dental surgery

Non pharmacological means without the use of any drugs or medicine to manage or control a child’s behavior in the dental surgery so that dental treatment can be done. Most pediatric dentist will use this common method on your children. The method of using drugs or pharmacological methods are usually reserved for those really anxious or extremely uncontrollable children. A useful example would be the use of nitrous oxide in Pediatric dental clinics. Although it was not very popular 10 years ago, it is a commonly practiced now.

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Tips to Prevent Dental Caries in Children


Children's smile @ www.dreamstime.com
Children’s smile @ www.dreamstime.com



Dental caries is also known as tooth decay. The main source of tooth decay is dental plaque. Dental plaque is a sticky white or yellowish film that always attaches to our tooth surface as we consume food. If we manage to remove plaque totally from our tooth surfaces through brushing and flossing there would be no tooth decay.  Continue reading