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Dental health and Smoking

Smoking is known to bring a lot of side effects to human body including the oral cavity. Most obvious side effect you can notice on smokers is the heavy staining on their teeth. Cigarettes contain nicotine which not only causes addiction but also causing brown staining on smokers teeth which is hard to remove by brushing alone. Professional scaling has to be done to remove them and staining can reappear quickly if patient continues to smoke. Continue reading

Top 5 Early Signs of Gingivitis

Picture 1: healthy gingiva which is pink, firm, and have knife edges at the neck of the teeth, with mild plaque accumulation

Gingivitis is more commonly known as the inflammation of the gums. The gums are also clinically known as gingiva, hence the term gingivitis. Generally, healthy gums are pink in colour, firm, and do not bleed while brushing. However, it is almost impossible to maintain perfectly healthy gums as gingivitis it is caused by plaque (a thin biofilm of bacteria) that is adhering to our teeth. Plaque can be removed through brushing, but, they are formed again once the brushing stops.  Usually, there is no need to worry about our gum’s health as long as a good brushing regimen is maintained (which is twice daily), however, it does have the potential to evolve into something more destructive, which is known as periodontitis. Continue reading