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Kids First Teeth : Teething Symptoms and Solutions

When the first tooth start to break through the gum in a child, the process is called as teething. Teething is blamed for ailments such as fever, convulsions, bronchitis, otitis media and diarrhea for causing 12 % of the death in children under 4 years old.

Eruption of primary/deciduous/temporary dentition usually begins in the 4th-6th month of a child’s life. The appearance of normal teeth is eagerly awaited by parents since it represents an important early milestone in development.  The first teeth to appear is the lower front teeth of the child called as central incisors. Continue reading

How to Treat Teething Symptoms With Homeopathy


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Teething troubles is common in all babies. It is in very rare cases that a new born goes through this period without any problems. Your good-natured baby becomes restless and fretful all of a sudden, starts drooling and eagerly chewing or wanting to put his or her hand and fingers into the mouth. Worry not as these behavior changes may only indicate that your baby is having discomfort during the teething age. Continue reading

How to Soothe a Toothache of a Teething Baby

Handling a toothache of a teething baby?

teething baby

As your baby continues to grow, their teeth inside their mouth also grows out. This growing out of teeth in the baby’s mouth is called teething. All babies will experience them. At about 6 months of age, the first baby tooth already appears or erupts in the baby’s mouth. The eruption of teeth can be somewhat painful or uncomfortable to the baby. Continue reading

Does Teething Cause Fevers in Children?

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One of the most common mistakes parents (and grandparents) make is to blame teething for everything, including sleep problems. Fever, irritability, diarrhea and fits are some of the many conditions that are associated with teething in children but how far are they true? First of all, let us clarify the basics of the ‘debut’ of baby teeth. Continue reading

How to Ease Teething Pain Naturally

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One day you notice your baby drooling and eagerly chewing or wanting to put his or her hand and fingers into the mouth. Your good-natured baby becomes restless and fretful all of a sudden. Worry not, these behavior changes may only indicate that your baby is teething. Continue reading

How to Treat a Baby Teething Rash

Teething/ Drooling rash

A baby starts teething around 5-6 months old, when the lower middle tooth (also known as incisor) starts coming out. As the tooth keeps pushing against the gums, the baby will feel very irritated, and will soon start waking up in the middle of the night, crying. Other signs of the baby teething are like biting everything within their reach, and drooling a lot. It is due to this excessive drooling, the saliva overflows and accumulates within the baby’s skin folds, soaking the skin. Thus, babies get what is known as teething or drooling rash. Continue reading

What are the teething signs in babies?

When will my baby start teething?

The process of teething often follows hereditary patterns, so if the parents teethed early or late, your baby may follow the same pattern. However, the most babies have their first teeth come in when they are between 4 and 7 months old. In rare cases, a baby’s first tooth is visible at birth. We call this kind of teeth as neonatal teeth. Those teeth that emerge through the gum during the first month of life are called as natal teeth. Rarely, their presence is just one of several unusual physical findings which make up a syndrome. If the possibility of a syndrome exists, consultation with a pediatrician and/or geneticist can be helpful. The tooth is often loose and is commonly removed prior to the baby’s hospital discharge to prevent aspiration into the lungs. It is good to mention about teething during prenatal counseling because it most likely will be the first postnatal oral issue that parents confront. Continue reading

Common Questions asked about baby’s erupting teeth

baby teethWhat is teeth eruption

  1. Teeth eruption is the process during which teeth grow through the jaw bone and pierces the gum and the tooth enters into the mouth.
  2. Teeth eruption happens for both baby teeth eruption and permanent teeth eruption.
  3. Teeth eruption occurs all throughout our lives, this is because teeth in the mouth are always moving and never stagnant. However, the movements are of course very small. Continue reading