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How to Ease A Toothache By Acupressure

Picture 1: Position the tip of a finger in front of your ear hole

Acupressure uses gentle but firm hand pressure against meridian points in the body to release tension, enhance body circulation and promotes body relaxation and is an ideal treatment to relieve pain. Long before the invention of modern pain medication, people used pressure points to relieve toothache pain. Unlike acupuncture–which involves inserting thin needles into meridians and requires more training–a novice can generally perform acupressure anytime pain rears its head. And few pains are as frustrating as toothaches. Acupressure to relieve toothache pain is slowly becoming popular nowadays. As a number of over-the-counter medications become available to relieve toothache pain, the awareness to explore alternative relief also increases. All you have to do is press the points shown to you here. Continue reading

Common Questions asked about baby’s erupting teeth

baby teethWhat is teeth eruption

  1. Teeth eruption is the process during which teeth grow through the jaw bone and pierces the gum and the tooth enters into the mouth.
  2. Teeth eruption happens for both baby teeth eruption and permanent teeth eruption.
  3. Teeth eruption occurs all throughout our lives, this is because teeth in the mouth are always moving and never stagnant. However, the movements are of course very small. Continue reading