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Causes of abnormal number of teeth in your/your child’s dentition-Part II

We have discussed hypodontia in the part I of this article. Here we will look at extra teeth in addition to those in the normal dentition.

Extra tooth


Hyperdontia, or supernumerary teeth, are teeth additional to those in the normal series. They can be found anywhere in the tooth-bearing region. They are most commonly found in the upper front tooth region, followed by the lower back tooth region. Just like hypodontia, they can  be present on both sides (right and left sides) of the dentition. Hence, when there is a supernumerary tooth on one side of the jaw, a dentist would check for the possibility of a supernumerary tooth on the other side as well. Continue reading

Understanding The Use of Partial Dentures in Children

Partial dentures are often associated with the elder age group, to replace permanent teeth that have been extracted. However, in some situations children are also required to wear partial dentures.

Reasons for loss of teeth in children:

A child with a missing front tooth

Continue reading