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Oral health Pt 1: Why is it so important?

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Structures of the oral cavity

Oral health is defined as the health of all oral structures and while the usual focus lies on teeth, it is important to not neglect other oral structures such as the lips, tongue, inside lining of the mouth, roof of mouth or palate, soft palate, throat, and tonsils. Periodontal health should also be taken into consideration, as they are the supporting structures of the teeth which is crucial for adequate retention of teeth. All these play an important role in the functioning of the mouth hence need to be maintained at a satisfactory level in order to prevent problems. Continue reading

Why is Oral Health so Important?

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Don’t you enjoy the refreshing feeling in your mouth after you have brushed your teeth? Sure, cleaning your teeth keep your smile bright and your breath fresh but a proper oral hygiene does more than you think it does.

Why should I have good oral health?

Having a good oral health can be defined as having comfortable and functional teeth that allows you to continue your social role. For those who think in terms of economic benefits and enjoyment of life, prevention pays. How so? If preventive programs are started early (preferably in young children), being free from plaque diseases for a long period is possible. Does it not make a sound cost-benefit investment?  After all, you need your teeth over a lifetime for eating which also contribute to providing good nutrition to the body for all ages. The presence of teeth greatly improves your speech and a pleasant smile enhances expression of your personality. At rare times, you can even use your teeth as a means of self-defense. On the other hand, the missing or broken-down teeth often results in a loss of self-esteem, minimizes employment possibilities and often affects your social interaction. Continue reading