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Mental nerve

Mental nerve is a general somatic afferent (sensory) nerve which provides sensation to the anterior aspects of the chin and lower lip as well as the buccal gingivae of the mandibular anterior teeth and the premolars. It is a branch of the posterior trunk of the inferior alveolar nerve, which is itself a branch of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve (CN V). The nerve emerges at the mental foramen in the mandibula, and divides beneath the Depressor anguli oris muscle into three branches: Continue reading

Types of nerve injuries

The complications of lower third molar surgery are well documented. Almost all patients experience some pain, swelling and difficulty in mouth opening after operation. Temporary or permanent iatrogenic nerve damage is not uncommon. Despite these complications, the removal of third molars associated with disease is generally justified, but not if the teeth are pathology free since the risk of future disease is low and impossible to quantify accurately for individual patients. Continue reading

Complications of Injections (Part 1)


An “anesthetic complication” may be defined as any deviation from the normally expected pattern during or after the securing of regional analgesia.

Can be divided into 2 groups:


Those attributed to solutions used e.g. toxicity, idiosyncrasy, allergy, anaphylactoid reactions, infection caused by contaminated solutions, local irritation or tissue reaction

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Those attributed to insertion of needle e.g. syncope, muscle trismus, pain or hyperalgesia, edema, infections, broken needles, hematoma, sloughing etc.

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