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What you need to know about injections/local anaesthesia – Part II



The neuron is the structural unit of the nervous system. There are 2 basic types of neuron : the sensory and motor neurons

Sensory neurons that are capable of transmitting pain consist of thre major portions : the peripheral process or the dentritic zone which is composed of arborization of free neve endings, the axonal process which transmits the impulses from the dentritic process to the nuclei in the brain and the cell body or soma which provides vital metabolic support to the entire neuron.

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Complications of Injections (Part 1)


An “anesthetic complication” may be defined as any deviation from the normally expected pattern during or after the securing of regional analgesia.

Can be divided into 2 groups:


Those attributed to solutions used e.g. toxicity, idiosyncrasy, allergy, anaphylactoid reactions, infection caused by contaminated solutions, local irritation or tissue reaction

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Those attributed to insertion of needle e.g. syncope, muscle trismus, pain or hyperalgesia, edema, infections, broken needles, hematoma, sloughing etc.

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