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Dental relevance of Down syndrome Part 2

O Other Dental Problems

The incidence of macroglossia has been reported as 11-60% in persons with Down Syndrome although the presence of true macroglossia has been questioned by some investigators. There is agreement, however, on the presence of a relative macroglossia due to the small palatal space and hypotonic tongue. Continue reading

Oral manifestations of amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is the deposition of amyloid proteins in body tissues leading to tissue damage. Amyloidosis is classified as either primary or secondary. The former results from multiple myelomaor an idiopathic disease, while the latter is a sequela of a chronic or inflammatory disease process. These classifications are based on the type of fibrillar protein deposited. The primary form usually affects the skin, heart, tongue, and GI tract, while the secondary form, although more common, has no cutaneous manifestations. Continue reading