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Preprosthetic Surgery: Preparation of Mouth for Dentures Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Mylohyoid ridge reduction

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Mylohyoid ridge is an oblique ridge on the lingual surface of the lower jaw which extends from the level of the roots of the last molar as a bony attachment for the mylohyoid muscles which form the floor of the mouth. Mylohyoid ridge reduction is needed when the gum ridge is sharp and denture pressure can cause significant pain in this area. Continue reading

Preprosthetic Surgery: Preparation of Mouth for Dentures Part 1

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The prosthetic replacement of lost teeth frequently, though not necessarily, involves surgical preparation of the remaining soft tissues in the mouth. The aim is to leave a satisfactory base for subsequent placement of prosthetic appliances to enable an edentulous or toothless individual to live comfortably with functioning dentures.

Ideally treatment for these procedures should be planned jointly (by a prosthodontist and oral surgeon). However many procedures of preprosthetic surgery are becoming history due to advancements made in dental science such as the introduction of dental implants. Continue reading