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What is Obturation in Root Canal Therapy? Part 1

The first visit to the dentist, the dentist will gives you local anaesthesia and remove all the pulp tissue. He will then put a temporary filling material to fill up the empty spaces. This process is called Access Opening. During the second visit, the temporary filling material is removed and root canal material like gutta percha is placed. A temporary filling material is placed again. This process is called Obturation. During your last visit, the temoporary filling material is removed and replaced by permanent filling material like composite/amalgam and a crown preparation is done.

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Endodontic Surgery Part 1


Preservation of the dentition and maintenance of function are dental professions ultimate goal.
The advances in non surgical endodontic therapy has been explosive, but it has also been a mixed blessing.
It has led to procedural errors such as, broken instrument ,ledges etc
It is indicated in fewer than 5% of endodontically treated teeth. The success rate of endodontic surgery is high, ranging from 73-99%.

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Pulp Disease – Part 3

Chronic Hyperplastic Pulpitis:

Definition: Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis or”pulp polyp” is a productive pulpal inflammation due to an extensive carious exposure of a young pulp.

This disorder is characterized by the development of granulation tissue, covered at times with epithelium and resulting from long-standing, low – grade irritation.

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