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Endodontic Surgery Part 2

The base of the flap should be wider than incisal margins for adequate blood flow to the reflected flap.
The flap should be designed with continuous curvatures between horizontal and vertical incision to avoid sharp angles

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Endodontic Surgery Part 1


Preservation of the dentition and maintenance of function are dental professions ultimate goal.
The advances in non surgical endodontic therapy has been explosive, but it has also been a mixed blessing.
It has led to procedural errors such as, broken instrument ,ledges etc
It is indicated in fewer than 5% of endodontically treated teeth. The success rate of endodontic surgery is high, ranging from 73-99%.

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How to recognize the side effects of Root Canal Treatments

symptoms of failed root canal treatment

After a lengthy root canal treatment (RCT) ┬áprocedure, most do ponder “How would I know whether it is a good job done?” Drifting on, our thoughts eventually go to whether the treatment has really saved our tooth. Is a root filling all you need to solve your woes? Continue reading