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Endodontic Surgery Part 1


Preservation of the dentition and maintenance of function are dental professions ultimate goal.
The advances in non surgical endodontic therapy has been explosive, but it has also been a mixed blessing.
It has led to procedural errors such as, broken instrument ,ledges etc
It is indicated in fewer than 5% of endodontically treated teeth. The success rate of endodontic surgery is high, ranging from 73-99%.

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How to recognize the side effects of Root Canal Treatments

symptoms of failed root canal treatment

After a lengthy root canal treatment (RCT) ├é┬áprocedure, most do ponder “How would I know whether it is a good job done?” Drifting on, our thoughts eventually go to whether the treatment has really saved our tooth. Is a root filling all you need to solve your woes? Continue reading