Foods you should avoid eating while wearing braces


Braces are fixed orthodontic appliance which is used to straighten your teeth, providing you a better smile and confidence.While wearing the appliance, you should avoid certain types of  foods which will stick between the wires and make it difficult to keep your mouth clean. These foods can also damage the braces. While wearing the orthodontic appliance, you should constantly clean your teeth and braces using the appropriate brushing method and instruments.

Braces are attached to the teeth using a special type of cement. This cement is designed to hold the brackets and bands against your teeth during the treatment period. Once the teeth has been aligned, the brackets and bands are removed and the cement is scraped off. It does not take much force to remove the cement from the teeth because high forces can damage the teeth. Hard foods such as hardbread, nuts, ribs, ice cubes and raw carrots should be avoided. If you drink cold drinks, avoid ice cubes. These foods will break off the cement and the brackets, bands and wires will then have to be recemented. This will definitely prolong the treatment time, making it less convenient for the patient.You can consume snacks, but make sure you monitor the types of snacks you eat. Avoid eating crunchy snacks like chocolate chips, cookies, popcorn and tacos. Substitute these foods with healthier and softer snacks such as low fat yogurt, pudding or plain ice cream to be eaten during the day.

Sticky foods such as caramel, chewy candies, jelly beans and bubble gum should be avoided because braces can be pulled apart by them. Again this will prolong the treatment time. Another disadvantage is the high sugar content in these foods which can cause tooth decay. Orthodontic appliance makes it more difficult to keep the mouth clean because the structure of the appliance renders it susceptible to plaque stagnation. This increase the risk of dental decay.

Acidic foods can damage you tooth enamel. Again, braces makes it difficult to clean the teeth, and the acid from the food will accumulate at areas unreachable by the toothbrush. The acid will erode the enamel, rendering it susceptible to cavitation. Lemons and limes are highly acidic and you should avoid them. Other foods which are acidic are carbonated drinks and pickles. If you are a lemonade lover, exchange lemon juice with milk or cream.

Here are some tips on what to eat, what not to eat and how to eat:

1. Apples, pears

Don’t bite into the whole fruit. Instead, cut it into small pieces before eating.

2. Bubble gum

One food you should definitely avoid! Gums will take you hours to clean your braces.

3. Ribs, chicken wings

Remove the meat from the bones before consuming them. After all, you still have the pleasure of tasting them.

4. Caramels and chewy candies

These are sticky foods and can be very messy and unsightly when braces are not cleaned properly. You will have to spend long hours picking out the remnants from your appliance.

5. Corn

Remove the kernels from the cob before eating.

6. Popcorn, chips..

Anything which crunches when you bite is bad for your braces.

7. Ice cubes

You can suck them, but do not bite!

8. Raw carrots, celery, asparagus

Boil these vegetables to soften them. Do not eat them raw

9. Sweets, candies, candy floss

High in sugar content. Can lodge beneath wires and brackets, causing dental decay.

10. Biting fingernails

This is not a type of food, but this habit definitely needs to be avoided

11. Pizza

You can eat the pie, but avoid the crust, especially if it is hard.

12. Bagels and hard bread

Bends the wires and loosens the brackets. Must be avoided.

13. Beef jerky

Texture is too leathery. Can loosen the brackets and wire. A definite NO.

14. Cookies

Soften them with milk before eating. But make sure you brush your teeth afterwards.

15. Pencils

Many students have the habit of biting pencils. Remember, stop the habit if u want to keep your braces intact.


All types of nuts (cashew, almond, peanut..) should be avoided.

17. Popcorn

Sticks to your braces. Try some other snacks while watching movie

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