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Mechanical Requirements of Dental Implants

Surface properties is the main reason for the use of titanium in medical technology. However, mechanical properties like elasticity and density/strength values are an additional clear advantage of titanium over other metals, because the supported or replaced natural structures of the human body are normally even more elastic and lightweight than titanium. Continue reading

Types of Ultrathin Dentures

Dentures have a bad rap of being unsightly, uncomfortable, and difficult to eat with. However, advances in the way that dentures are made have resulted in dentures that are easy to wear, look great, and—most importantly—fit snugly and comfortably. Ultrathin dentures may be made out of a variety of materials and can fit any number of budgets. Continue reading

What Is a Marius Bridge Dental?

Marius Bridge does not extend to the palate, making it more comfortable for the patient

A Marius Bridge is an implant solution for patients with fully edentulous maxilla, without resorting to using any types of grafts. The Marius is a fixed bridge with a unique, high precision mechanism that allows patients to break it down into two parts for easier access for cleaning or for repairs and/or modifications. Continue reading