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Inferior alveolar nerve Part 2

  • for determining the location of the inferior alveolar nerve in all three dimensions of the mandible (lower jaw). With the software that is available to the dentist, the radiographic information from this study can be used to manipulate the jaw in 360° and provide the most accurate information to the dentist for treatment planning for the placement of the implant or for a third molar extraction. When screening radiographs demonstrate the increased risks for implant placement or third molar extraction, it is below the standard of care for the dentist or oral surgeon to fail to explain the
    advantages of the CT or CBCT as a diagnostic option to the patient before the patient is subjected to the increased risk of nerve injury. Continue reading

Inferior alveolar nerve Part 1

The inferior alveolar nerve (sometimes called the inferior dental nerve) is a branch of the mandibular nerve, which is itself the third branch (V3) of the trigeminal nerve (cranial nerve V). Continue reading

Most asked questions on Dental Implants part 3

implants, implant , dental implants, dental implant costCould implants possibly be cancerous ?

No instances has been reported in the dental or medical literature of dental implants causing cancer.

Are Implants Inserted for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons ?

Not usually. The primary objective of the dental implants is to give additional support to replacement teeth. Cosmetic enhancement is possible with the replacement teeth, However, and expectation should be fully discussed before treatment. Continue reading

Most asked questions on Dental Implants part 2

implants, implant , dental implants, dental implant costAre my other medical concerns a factor for getting dental implants ?

Definitely, all patients are provided with a health questionnaire. The patient should be healthy, without any interruption to proper healing. When appropriate, the patient’s medical practitioner is informed of the treatment provided by the dental surgeon, as well as the medication prescribed. Continue reading

Most asked questions on Dental Implants part 1

implants, implant , dental implants, dental implant costWhat are implants?

An implant is a synthetic replacement for a tooth root that allows the person to have a non removable tooth or a more secure dental restorations. There are several types of dental implants. During consultation, the dental surgeon will recommend the best treatment option and the type of implant to cater to the patients needs. Continue reading

Denture vs Implant

Picture taken from interfaithdentalclinic.com

Picture taken from interfaithdentalclinic.com

When we have a missing tooth or teeth, dentist would always recommend denture, implant or dental bridges to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The cheapest way would be denture followed by dental bridges. Placing an implant would be the most expensive method but has the longest longevity claimed. Continue reading