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Side effects of radiotherapy to the head and neck on the mouth



Radiotherapy is one of 3 treatment options that can be used to treat tumours, the other 2 being surgical removal and chemotherapy. Sometimes these therapies are used in combination with each other. There are many structures in the head and neck, therefore radiation to the head and neck area (could be due to oral, nose, skin etc cancers) can cause a multitude of complications as listed below: Continue reading

Complications of Injections (Part 2)


Trauma during injection
Injection of irritating solution
Infection, hemorrhage
Allergy (Angioedema)

Pain & dysfunction
Airway obstruction

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What are the complications of tooth extraction?

Extracting teeth may be one of the most commonly done procedures in a dental setting, but few are aware of the complications associated with the procedure. This is just to name some of them: Continue reading

Complications of Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a series of treatment done to the pulp to remove the source of infection in the pulp and prevent further infection to the disinfected pulp, thus maintaining its health and vitality.

Root canal treatment, on the other hand, is carried out if the pulp is seriously infected, and when tests reveal that the pulp is irreversibly damaged or dead. Root canal treatment involves removal of the damaged or dead pulp content and sealing the root canal space with a suitable material eg. gutta percha. Continue reading