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Hall technique part 2

The Hall technique manipulates the plaque’s environment by sealing it into the tooth, separating it from the substrates it
would normally receive from the host’s diet. The plaque may continue to receive some nutrition from pulpal perfusion, but there is good evidence that if caries is effectively sealed from the oral environment, it does not progress. Continue reading

The Ozone Treatment for Cavities

HealOzone instrument - for sterilizing infected tooth

Can ozone be used to treat caries (cavities) without the need for drilling and filling? It seems that ozone therapy in dentistry is coming of age. If one of your teeth has only small areas of decay, we can often use ozone treatment to sterilise it. Bacteria that causes tooth decay is found deep within the tooth structure. Removing these bacteria would usually mean amputating the infected area of the tooth (and there’s always the risk that infected areas could be left behind). A further concern would be that the fillings put into the tooth are not a permanent solution, on average they last between 6 months and a couple of years. Each time the filling is replaced, the filling has to be larger and more of the tooth is damaged. This downward spiral usually leads to expensive dental reconstruction. Continue reading