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Bacterial Infection of the Oral Cavity Part 2

TB is a systemic, chronic granulomatous infectious disease with variable clinical presentation.
Etiology : Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Acid-fast bacilli.
Myco.TB is aerobic, non-motile, rod shaped, non-sporing bacilli which is stained by Zeihl-Neelsen stain.

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Bacterial Infection of the Oral Cavity Part 1

Most common infection, most are transient with few untoward sequelae.

Some are life threatening (e.g., Meningoccus, Diphtheria)

Severe, recurrent, disseminated or persistent lesions occur in Immunocompromised, organ transplant or AIDS.

Bacterial infections are diagnosed on Clinical grounds, supported by smears, culture, testing for immune responses (Serology) & examining for nucleic acids.

Antibacterial drugs can be effective therapy but, resistance can be a problem (e.g.. MRSA)

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