Ways to Fight a Tooth Ache


Sore Tooth

Toothache is any discomfort, swelling, reddening, irritation, possible abscess formation that occur when the pulp tissue is infected and the teeth nerves are damaged. Toothaches occur due to a myriad of causes and can be very bothersome. It may even interrupt daily function such as eating and sleeping. Follow these simple yet easy steps to ensure yourself a mouth free of toothaches.

1. Visit the pharmacy to purchase an over-the-counter medication. Ibuprofen is the most  effective analgesic known to heal any inflammation thereby reducing the dull pain. Do not exceed the dosage recommended. Aspirin was crushed and kept over the problem tooth but it resulted in aspirin burn causing damage to the oral tissues. It is best to swallow the tablet for pain relief.

2. An alternative will be an over-the-counter oral analgesic ointment specially prepared to treat tooth problems.  Apply on the gum line and around the affected area, it will provide temporary relief by causing numbness to the area and dull the pain. Orajel is a potential aid, very useful in cases of cracked tooth and cavities. It contains benzocaine giving a topical anesthetic effect.

3. Food impaction can also cause toothaches. Floss in between the symptomatic tooth and rinse with a mouthwash after that. A mixture of peroxide and warm water in equal amounts can soothe the pain by reducing inflammation and wash away bacteria and food debris causing the infection.

Natural Remedies

4. Chewing on garlic regularly can help prevent toothaches. They keep teeth strong and healthy. Crushed garlic and a pinch of salt will reduce and even ease the pain completely.

5. Take a shot of whisky, vodka or brandy swish it over the painful tooth and around the mouth then spit. It will help numb the area as the gums absorb the alcohol, some kind of anesthetic effect.

6. Recession, over zealous tooth brushing and age can expose dentin leading to severe sensitivity sometimes regarded as toothache. Fluoride application and toothpaste like Sensodyne with its active ingredient potassium nitrate can decrease the sensitivity and cure minor toothaches.

7. A drop or two of clove oil applied using a cotton swab on the tooth and affected area can heal the tooth pain. The older style was placing cloves directly on the sore tooth.

8. Chewing on peppermint leaves or placing dried peppermint leaves over the affected tooth will soothe the pain. Repeat this procedure 10-15 times a day. It acts in two ways, first by bringing the abscess to the tooth surface if present and next, acts as a painkiller.

9. Place a slice of potato or mashed the potato and leave it over the achy tooth. A freshly cut onion will be an effective alternative as it has antibacterial action to fight the infection.

10.  Turmeric mixed with water to form a thick consistency, soaked in cotton ball and kept over sore tooth as long as possible reduces infection, swelling and relieves pain.

11.  Keep your head in an elevated position to prevent the throbbing pain. It decreases the pressure in the area.

12.  Avoid sweet and spicy foods known to aggravate toothaches. Feed on soft foods and a liquid diet for some time. Some hot and cold food and drinks should be equally avoided.

13.  A slice of lime and little juice when applied onto a bad tooth provides toothache pain relief. It is rich in vitamin C which prevents tooth decay and strengthens tooth structure.

14.  If you suspect that toothache is present with an abscess at the gum, hold oats in place. Oats helps to drain out the pus and hence the pain subsides.

15.  Brush twice daily and swish your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash after every meal. A 3% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash used as an adjunct to natural remedies will kill the germs present in the mouth which are the causative factors of toothache. Use a fluoridated toothpaste at all times.

16.  The primary cause of toothache is poor diet. The bacteria and sugars present can erode the enamel surface causing cavities to form. Therefore avoid sweet and sticky foods as much as possible. Chew a sugarless gum which stimulates salivary flow and in a way acts as a buffering agent.

17.  Finally, visit your dentist. He will provide you with an appropriate treatment such as filling, scaling, root canal treatment or extraction depending on the underlying cause of toothache to seal off the infection and prevent further decay. If pulpitis is the cause and left untreated, an abscess is sure to form once the pulp tissue is dead and infected. An antibiotic prescription may follow to reduce any associated swelling, fever and pain from the achy tooth.

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