Does Zoom Teeth Whitening System actually works?

Zoom teeth whitening system

Zoom teeth whitening system

Zoom is a type of teeth whitening system made popular by the ABC network’s Extreme Makeover show. Zoom teeth whitening system is used to bleach teeth which are discolored, giving them a whiter appearance. It is generally done as an in-office bleaching procedure, or otherwise known as professional bleaching. In other words, this can only be done by your dentist as opposed to home teeth whitening kits due to the high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide involved and the need of extra measures to protect gums and other soft tissues.

How does the Zoom teeth whitening system work?

Teeth whitening systems such as Zoom and Britesmile, another highly popular brand, are commonly categorized under laser teeth whitening. Strictly speaking, they are actually light activated teeth whitening products where a blue-green spectrum light is utilized to catalyze bleaching reaction of tooth whitening gel applied on surfaces of teeth. The incorporation of light claims to not only activate the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, it also allows further penetration into tooth structure, resulting in greater bleaching capacity.

To date, there are contraindicating reports regarding the efficacy of blue light in terms of activating bleaching products. Most pointed out that there is no significant evidence supporting such need, whilst others remained positive of its vital role in enhancing bleaching results.

Will the Zoom teeth whitening system work best for me?

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to that, as with many other dental cosmetic procedures, because teeth whitening results especially is often unpredictable and vary significantly between individuals. The best advice we can offer is to consult your dentist and share your expectations. It is very important to establish such communication so that not only the dentist can evaluate your case and determine the reasonable and realistic expectations relevant to you, it can also help you avoid disappointments and ‘wished that you have been told such and such in the first visit’ moments.

Both Zoom! and Britesmile have good clinical records, as with many other teeth whitening systems such as Opalescence or ArcBrite. This is no best teeth whitening product as most teeth whitening systems work with very similar mechanisms and ultimately, the choice usually comes down to cost, availability and personal preference.

Tooth whitening results that can be achieved with Zoom teeth whitening system

Clinical results achievable from Zoom teeth whitening system

The most important thing you should know about Zoom teeth whitening system

As with many other in-office bleaching procedures, Zoom teeth whitening can provide fast immediate results, lightening teeth up to several shades whiter in just one single visit. While this may appear attractive to many, it is very important to note that drastic tooth whitening often have high relapse problem. In other words, the tooth whitening effect might very well diminish soon after treatment. For this reason, professional bleaching procedures are usually followed up with professionally dispensed home teeth whitening kits to reinforce and enhance the stability of results. Good oral hygiene practices and avoidance of heavily colored food or drinks can also help maintain the results.

Other risks associated with Zoom teeth whitening system

    Teeth Whitening Aliens

    Blue light used to assist in Zoom teeth whitening system

  • People with severe gag reflex or dental anxiety may have difficulty sitting through the whole procedure as it takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete.
  • Some of you may be taking medications that can predispose you to higher risk of attaining photo sensitivity. It is best to notify your dentist the list of all the current medications you are taking, no matter how trivial it may seem.
  • Blue light used associated with Zoom tooth whitening can cause discomfort in some patients due to a certain amount of heat generated. This usually has minimal effect though in extreme cases, patients may experience some altered sensation or a tingly effect after the procedure. This normally resolves itself.
  • While the procedure itself is relatively painless, tooth sensitivity is an almost inevitable side effect of tooth whitening and is usually worse in people with existing sensitivity prior to bleaching. Consult your dentist in regards to ways to minimize sensitivity. Often methods such as tooth mousse application, brushing with Sensodyne or simply swabbing regular toothpaste on sensitive areas of your teeth can help alleviate symptoms in a few days.
  • Existing restorative or prosthetic work such as tooth colored filling materials, dental crowns or bridge do not lighten and hence there may be further costs involved to replace them.
  • Teeth whitening procedures including Zoom teeth whitening system are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and also children under the age of 13.

Zoom teeth whitening cost

As with any other professional bleaching treatment, Zoom teeth whitening system can be expensive as it requires a single chair-side power bleaching appointment, followed by reinforcement with home teeth whitening kits. Zoom teeth whitening cost can set you back at roughly 1000 dollars. Actual price can be confirmed with your local dentist.

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