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White Lesion Of the Oral Mucosa Part 4

Corrugated white lesion that usually occurs on the lateral or ventral surface of the tongue in patients with severe immunodeficiency
Most common associated disease is HIV infection
Present in 25% of adults with HIV infection but is not as common in children
Prevalence reaches 80% in AIDS
Epstein-Barr virus is implicated as the causative agent
Occasionally reported in patients with other immunosuppressive conditions (patients undergoing organ transplantation, or on prolonged steroid therapy)
Rare cases may occur in immunocompetent persons after topical steroid therapy

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Side effects of radiotherapy to the head and neck on the mouth



Radiotherapy is one of 3 treatment options that can be used to treat tumours, the other 2 being surgical removal and chemotherapy. Sometimes these therapies are used in combination with each other. There are many structures in the head and neck, therefore radiation to the head and neck area (could be due to oral, nose, skin etc cancers) can cause a multitude of complications as listed below: Continue reading

White patches in the mouth-Part II

Why should I be concerned?

White patches could be due to a multiple of causes as discussed in the article “white patches in the mouth”. It is important that the underlying cause is identified because of the following reasons:

i) can cause unwanted effectssuch as pain and discomfort and even altered taste sensation. by knowing the cause, the lesion can be treated accordingly and thus ease the patient of all these negative effects.

White patches on the tongue

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White patches in the mouth

The normal color of soft tissues in your mouth are usually red,  with occasional blackish-brownish pigmentation. The difference in color from the rest of your body is due to absence of keratin over the “skin” of your mouth, as evident all over your body. The red color is formed by the blood vessels beneath the thin layer covering in your mouth.

If you find a white patch anywhere in your mouth, it could be a number of conditions or due to a number of reasons as follows: Continue reading

About Oral Thrush

What is oral thrush?

Oral thrush

Oral thrush

Oral thrush, otherwise known as acute pseudomembranous candidioasis, is the infection of mucosal tissues of the mouth by a fungus, mainly candida albicans, but it can also be caused by candida glabrata or candida tropicalis. Candida albican is one of many microorganisms that exists in your mouth, but under certain circumstance they multiply uncontrollably and become an infection. The areas involved are usually the inner sides of the cheek, the tongue, tonsils, palate and floor of the mouth. They vary in size from small drop-like areas to confluent large patches covering a wide area. Continue reading

Denture-related problems affecting the mouth Part1

Dentures are intended to restore function of your mouth but sometimes they can be responsible for many common lesions found in the mouth. The lesions tend to occur in greater frequency in removable dentures (complete or partial dentures) compared to permanent dentures (bridge or implants) as removable dentures can be distorted or broken with use. Furthermore, the older age group is more commonly affected as they often do not comply with instructions for proper removal, placement, maintenance and cleaning dentures.

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