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What is Leukoplakia?



Defined as a raised patch of the oral mucosa measuring 5 mm or more, which cannot be scraped off and which cannot be attributed to any other diagnosable disease.

(This definition did not carry any histological connotation)

WHO 1978
Def : modified
Leukoplakia was defined as a white patch or plaque that cannot be characterised clinically or Pathologically as any other disease.
(Term is unrelated to absence or presence of dysplasia)
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Oral cancer

An example of an oral cancer-squamous cell carcinoma


Oral or mouth cancers are any tumours that grows anywhere in the mouth. They are often associated with tobacco use. It is a condition of concern because some oral cancers are fatal if not detected and treated early, such as squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which is due to uncontrolled proliferation of the squamous cells. Almost all oral cancers begin in the flat cells (squamous cell) that cover the surfaces of the mouth, tongue, and lips.

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White sponge naevus

White sponge nevus (WSN), also known as Cannon’s disease, Hereditary leukokeratosis of mucosa and White sponge nevus of Cannon, is an autosomal dominant skin condition. Although congenital in most cases, it can first occur in childhood or adolescence. Continue reading

White patches in the mouth-Part II

Why should I be concerned?

White patches could be due to a multiple of causes as discussed in the article “white patches in the mouth”. It is important that the underlying cause is identified because of the following reasons:

i) can cause unwanted effectssuch as pain and discomfort and even altered taste sensation. by knowing the cause, the lesion can be treated accordingly and thus ease the patient of all these negative effects.

White patches on the tongue

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White patches in the mouth

The normal color of soft tissues in your mouth are usually red,  with occasional blackish-brownish pigmentation. The difference in color from the rest of your body is due to absence of keratin over the “skin” of your mouth, as evident all over your body. The red color is formed by the blood vessels beneath the thin layer covering in your mouth.

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Oral Leukoplakia

Lesion seen on the floor of the mouth

Lesion seen on the floor of the mouth

Definition of Oral Leukoplakia:

Oral Leukoplakia is a white lesion (abnormal tissue) found on the oral mucosa (skin lining in our mouth).It has no known causing agents. For example, a thrush lesion in the mouth is also white , but it is not an Oral Leukoplakia lesion because it is proven to be caused by the candida fungus. Continue reading