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Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren's syndrome


Sjogren’s Syndrome Overview

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease named after a Swedish Ophthalmologist, Henrik Sjogren. It is characterized by abnormal production of antibodies against certain body tissues particularly the glands. This would cause inflammation and malfunction of the glands. Sjogren’s syndrome could coexist with connective tissues diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and scleroderma. In this case it is called secondary Sjogren’s syndrome. Continue reading

Know Your Children Teeth As They Grow

Teeth eruption @

Teeth eruption @

We have two sets of teeth. Initially, we have 20 baby teeth. Baby teeth are also known as primary teeth. These baby teeth will exfoliate and be replaced by 32 permanent teeth. There is no replacement if we lost our permanent teeth. Some people may have more or less teeth compared to the norm. This occurrence is usually genetically inherited.

Tooth eruption refers to emergence of tooth from its developmental position in the jaw to its functional position in the oral cavity. A tooth erupts when its root starts to grow. As its root becomes longer, the force pushes the tooth out of the gums. Continue reading

Beware of these in Children’s Teeth Part II

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Ectopic canine @ stringertorthodontics
Ectopic canine @ stringertorthodontics

Un-erupted tooth

Permanent teeth may submerge inside the jaw bone or gums for a few reasons.


  • Impaction due to insufficient space
  • Missing genetically
  • Ectopic tooth – tooth is not at its original eruption site, it has been displaced to somewhere else. This usually happens to permanent canine.
  • Ankylosis of baby teeth ( baby teeth’s roots fused to jaw bone causing it to retain and not falling off accordingly)

Test and Diagnosis Continue reading

Beware of these in Children’s Teeth Part I

Children start to have their first tooth at the age of six months. It is this crucial period that parents or guardians need to watch out a few matters pertaining to children’s dental health. Pediatric dentistry refers to dental matters on children. The most common problem in pediatric dentistry is dental caries or tooth decay. Continue reading

Tips to Prevent Dental Caries in Children


Children's smile @
Children’s smile @



Dental caries is also known as tooth decay. The main source of tooth decay is dental plaque. Dental plaque is a sticky white or yellowish film that always attaches to our tooth surface as we consume food. If we manage to remove plaque totally from our tooth surfaces through brushing and flossing there would be no tooth decay.  Continue reading

Everything you need to know about denture


What is a denture?

Standard denture

A standard denture is also known as artificial teeth. It is removable and made of a type of plastic like material known as acrylic. This plastic plate houses acrylic teeth to replace those that are missing inside your mouth. The plate is pink to mimic your gums and the acrylic teeth are chosen to suit the size and color of your existing teeth. If you lost all your teeth the dentist would choose a color that you prefer. Standard dentures are affordable dentures compared to permanent dentures. Continue reading

Clean Denture Better with Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

Ultrasonic denture cleaner

Cleaning dentures is not an easy task as they have small crevices and cracks that trap stains. If they are not properly cleaned sometimes tartar might build up as well. This is why you can try to clean your denture with an ultrasonic denture cleaner. Continue reading

Types of denture cleansers and how to use them

Denture cleansers are also known as denture cleaners. They come in tablet, solution and wipes form. They are important in denture cleaning regime because they aid in cleaning tough stains which is hard to reach with normal brushing alone. Some denture cleansers claimed they can remove plaque, tartar and whiten the denture. Continue reading

Ways of caring for dentures

Denture care Picture taken from

Denture care Picture taken from

Denture is a plastic plate coupled with artificial teeth that you place inside your mouth to replace missing teeth. It is a removable item therefore stringent care is required to ensure its longevity.

How to care for dentures?

Do not wear denture to sleep.

  • Wearing denture the whole day results in constant pressure on your gums and oral mucosa.
  • Leaving it out allows your gums to return to its normal position and rest.
  • Without denture in place, the saliva is able to perform its antibacterial effect to maintain a good oral environment.
  • You are advised to leave your denture out when you are not using them. Continue reading

How to choose the best denture adhesive

seniorskissingDenture adhesives are materials used to aid in sitting of dentures inside the mouth. They come in pad, strips, cream or paste, powder , wafer and woven cloth like material. Continue reading