Clean Denture Better with Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

Ultrasonic denture cleaner

Cleaning dentures is not an easy task as they have small crevices and cracks that trap stains. If they are not properly cleaned sometimes tartar might build up as well. This is why you can try to clean your denture with an ultrasonic denture cleaner.

What is an ultrasonic denture cleaner?

Ultrasonic denture cleaner is a small machine with inner stainless steel compartment and basket or cup to hold the things you want to clean.

Trays and watch holder inside the machine

Trays and watch holder inside the machine

Inner stainless steel compartment

Inner stainless steel compartment

You have to fill the machine with denture cleanser or ultrasonic solution specified by manufacturer.

When you turn on the power, ultrasonic cleaner will produce intense sound waves through water or cleaning liquid that you place inside.

The sound waves would cause formation of millions of tiny vacuumed bubbles.

When these bubbles are compressed by water, they will form tiny liquid jets to reach a physical cleaning phenomenon called cavitation.

Cavitation happens wherever the liquid can reach. Therefore, the bubbles could clean even tiny crevices or cracks.

It can clean stains, remove plaque and loosen tartar or calculus.

It can also clean dental retainers, jewelry, small electronic parts, watches, eyewear products, coins, combs and toothbrushes.

But I strongly advise not to mix the cleaning of dental products with other components. Save your ultrasonic denture cleaner for dentures and things you put inside your mouth only.

How to choose a good ultrasonic denture cleaner?

There are a lot of ultrasonic cleaner in the market but you need to choose one with the right frequency to clean denture.

For denture and dental products, the known frequency is usually 40 to 42 kHz.

It is advisable to choose one that is equipped with germicidal UV light so that you can kill bacteria on the denture as well.

Choose one with a built in timer, usually 5 minutes intervals, so that you can control your time and it would stop by itself when the cycle is due.

The prices range from USD$50 to USD$120 depending on their brands and functions.

Ultrasonic denture cleaner aids in cleaning denture better. It is wise to invest on it to maintain a long lasting clean denture.

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