Dentures and sore gums

Denture Picture taken from

Denture Picture taken from

Dentures are artificial teeth placed inside the mouth to replace missing teeth for better function, speech and esthetics. Sore gums are often the main complaint of a denture wearer.

Causes and remedies for denture sore gums

Ill fitting denture

A denture that is not fitting properly may have pressure spots while functioning. Frequent pressure on these spots may cause sores and ulcers if they are not dealt with. Usually, you need to return to the dentist for review and they will identify the pressure spots and trim if off. If you have ulcers, the dentist would prescribe ulcer relieving agents. You can also apply aloe vera gel or eucalyptus oil or simply salt water gargling to speed up the healing.

If the denture really does not fit well (hindering speech, difficult to chew, poor esthetic), you may need to redo a new one.

As you aged, your jaw bone will resorb if there are no teeth to maintain its level. Thus, the denture would have to be relined, rebased or remade to fit the changing bony contours.

Dry mouth

If you have reduced salivation inside your mouth, the denture may cause severe sore gums. Saliva in the mouth aids in sitting the denture thus prevents looseness. Dry gums would be very painful when a denture is seated because it is hard.

People who are susceptible to dry mouth are those

To curb this problem, artificial saliva is often prescribed.

Allergic to denture materials and products

If you are allergic to resin, you may develop sore gums when you put on denture as they are made of acrylic resin. It also happens for people who are allergic to properties of denture cleanser and adhesive. If you could not wear a denture, you may have to put on dental implants and implant supported dental bridges. If you are allergic to denture cleaning and adhesive products, simply change and find a substitute that you are not allergic with.

Denture stomatitis

It is a condition of inflamed gums due to bacterial or fungal infection. Bacteria or yeast traps in plaque or tartar of an unclean denture. When the denture contacts the gums and oral mucosa, it will transfer the bacteria and fungus to the gums. Most common cause of denture stomatitis is a fungus known as Candida albicans.

Dentist would prescribe antifungal mouth washes to curb this problem. If it is severe, sometimes oral medications are also prescribed. If the denture is really dirty, you may need to redo a new one and start cleaning it properly and regularly.

Denture stomatitis taken the shape of the denture, Picture taken from

Denture stomatitis taken the shape of the denture, Picture taken from

Wearing denture too long

It is important to remove the denture while sleeping as wearing denture 24 hours would pressure the gums too much causing them to sore. Besides sleeping, when you are at home and not going to use your dentures to eat it is best to leave it out. Leaving dentures out would allow the gums to rest and return to its normal position without being pressured.

Gum sores are really common in denture wearers. It is always advisable to return to the dentist as soon as possible before it worsens. Do not be too worried of this condition as it is often treatable.

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