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Cheek swelling

Cheek pain, at times, tends to be like one of those unwanted guests who arrive without warning, suggest meekly that they’ll be staying only for a couple of days, overstay, and throughout the entire episode, cause immense trouble and discomfort. Cheek pain causes can range from the medically-driven to the hormone-driven (the latter I will illustrate towards the end of this article). Regarding the former, here are some of the possible reasons for cheek pain and swelling. Continue reading

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

TRIGEMINAL NERVE is the 5th and the largest cranial nerve. It derives its name from the Latin words “tres” means three and “geminus” means born together (i.e. three born together), hence the name Trigeminal. It innervates the structures derived from the 1st branchial arch. It mixed nerve i.e. it has a large sensory and a small motor root.

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