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Understanding Tooth Abscess

What is a tooth abscess?

Abscess is a collection of pus in a cavity formed by the tissue due to bacterial infection or trauma by foreign objects. The pus is formed by dead inflammatory cells and bacteria. It is a defensive reaction of the tissue to prevent the spread of infection to the other parts of the body. A tooth abscess is pus enclosed in the tissues of the jaw bone at the apex of the root. There are three types of tooth abscess: Continue reading

Symptoms and How to Cure a Gum Abscess/Periodontal abscess

A periodontal abscess is a localized area of inflammation in which there is formation of pus has take place in our periodontal tissues.  Periodontal tissues consist of gingiva, cementum, alveolar bone, and the periodontal ligament.


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Home Remedies for Abscessed Tooth

An abscess is a space that contains pus. It can occur anywhere in the body, and if it occurs around the tooth, it is known as a tooth abscess. There are a few types of tooth abscess (also known as dental abscess), and they are gingival abscess, periapical abscess, and periodontal abscess. Continue reading