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What Is a Tooth Burnisher?

A tooth burnisher is a hand held dental instrument that is used to make the filling of a tooth shinier. This can be done by polishing the restoration  with a rubbing motion, as the word ‘burnish’ suggests. It is more commonly used to burnish amalgam fillings, but it can also be used to shape the composite or glass ionomer cement (GIC) filling before they set. Continue reading

What Is the Function of a Toothbrush?

A toothbrush is a tool that is used to clean the teeth and to maintain our oral hygiene. Tooth brushing is one of the ways to control plaque level in our mouth , which is mechanically. It can also be done chemically, but mechanical cleaning is the most commonly practiced method around the world. It is also the most fundamental way of removing all the debris in our mouth, in which cannot be done by just using the chemical cleaning method alone. Continue reading