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Denture Adhesives Containing Gantrez

Denture adhesives augment the same retentive mechanisms already operating when a denture is worn.  They enhance retention through optimizing interfacial forces by:  1) increasing the adhesive and cohesive properties and viscosity of the medium lying between the denture and its basal seat; and 2) eliminating voids between the denture base and its basal seat.  Adhesives (or, more accurately, the hydrated material that is formed when an adhesive comes into contact with saliva or water) are agents that stick readily to both the tissue surface of the denture and to the mucosal surface of the basal seat.  Furthermore, since hydrated adhesives are more cohesive than saliva, physical forces intrinsic to the interposed adhesive medium resist the pull more successfully than would similar forces within saliva.  The material increases the viscosity of the saliva with which it mixes, and the hydrated material swells in the presence of saliva/water and flows under pressure.  Voids between the denture base and bearing tissues are therefore obliterated. Continue reading