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Common medical emergencies in dental practice (Part 2)

 Asthmatic attack

Asthmatic attack can be induced/ provoked when an asthmatic patient is exposed to allergens and drugs used in dental practice and when they undergoing certain amount of anxiety and stress.  A patient who is undergoing asthmatic attack will normally complain of a tight chest and shortness of breath. You may also hear a wheezing sound (a high pitched whistling sound) when the patient exhales. Rapid pulse can be detected during the attack and this situation can be fatal if the patient is unable to talk to you. Thus, remember to bring along your asthmatic drugs or salbutamol inhalers (if you are an asthmatic patient) or postpone your dental treatment if you had an asthmatic attack recently. Continue reading

Common medical emergencies in dental practice (Part 1)

Medical emergencies can happen in anywhere including the dental office. It is important to know how to prevent and manage medical emergencies because they can be life threatening. Below are some common medical emergencies that can take place inside a dental clinic.

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What to do when your child knocks his tooth out?

credits to studiodentaire.com

Before I explain to you regarding the emergency measures that you should perform when your child knocks his tooth out, let me briefly discuss about what will happen to a tooth after it is completely displaced out of socket. Success of a replantation depends on the amount of time the tooth is out of socket and storage medium used to store the avulsed tooth. Avulsion is complete displacement of tooth out of socket. Continue reading