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What to do when your teeth comes out from the socket? (Avulsion)

Avulsion is defined as the complete displacement of the tooth out of the socket. It means that the teeth has come out from the socket entirely. Losing a tooth can be physically and emotionally demanding as a result it is difficult to fill and replace. As early as 400 BCE, Hippocrates suggested that teeth should be replaced and fixed firmly to adjacent teeth with wire. Modern techniques nowadays focus on reimplanting the tooth as soon as possible, minimizing periodontal damage and preventing infection of the pulp tissue.

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What to do when your child knocks his tooth out?

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Before I explain to you regarding the emergency measures that you should perform when your child knocks his tooth out, let me briefly discuss about what will happen to a tooth after it is completely displaced out of socket. Success of a replantation depends on the amount of time the tooth is out of socket and storage medium used to store the avulsed tooth. Avulsion is complete displacement of tooth out of socket. Continue reading