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Delayed eruption of teeth Part 3

Mucosal barrier has also been suggested as an etiologic factor in DTE. Any failure of the follicle of an erupting tooth to unite with the mucosa will entail a delay in the breakdown of the mucosa and constitute a barrier to emergence. Histologic studies have shown differences in the submucosa between normal tissues and tissues with a history of trauma or surgery. Gingival hyperplasia resulting from various causes (hormonal or hereditary causes, vitamin C deficiency, drugs such as phenytoin) might cause an abundance of dense connective tissue or acellular collagen that can be an impediment to tooth eruption. Continue reading

Abnormalities or variance in shape of teeth

Our teeth may have different sizes in different individuals, but they all have a typical shape to serve their different functions. Different teeth can be identified from each other by their shapes. However, sometimes abnormalities or variations occur in the shape or form of the tooth, which may be due to developmental causes, or environmental causes such as trauma or genetic causes. Here are some variations in tooth form that one may find in no particular order of occurence:

Dilacerated incisor seen from the side view

1. Dilacerated tooth Continue reading