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Cysts of the Jaw Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Glandular odontogenic cyst

The glandular odontogenic cyst is a rare, developmental odontogenic cyst. Most common site of occurrence is the front region of the lower jaw where they present as slow-growing, painless swellings. The cyst has a potentially aggressive, locally invasive nature and a tendency to recur. Continue reading

Cysts of the Jaw Part 1

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Swellings and lumps in the mouth are common. Some may be just anatomical structures in the mouth while some may be of other origin, including jaw cysts. Continue reading

How to Treat a Jaw Cyst

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A cyst is defined as a pathological cavity having fluid or semi-fluid contents, which has not been created by the accumulation of pus. Cysts of the jaws are more common than in any other bone, and the majority are lined wholly or in part by epithelium. Continue reading