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How to Tell If a Root Canal Needs to be Redone?

What is Root Canal Retreatment?

Root canal retreatment, also known as endodontic nonsurgical retreatment is a procedure that is carried out on a tooth that previously had root canal treatment. Because of the complexity of the procedure, it is usually done by an endodontist. There are several reasons why a previously root canal treated tooth can fail. Continue reading

The Dangers of Root Canal Treatment

Perforation of root canal leading to resorption of root © PennWell Corporation

Endodontic treatment, which is often referred to as root canal treatment (RCT), root canal procedure or root canal therapy, involves pulp and root canal removal as well as cleaning and filling of the resultant space, in order to prevent microorganisms from multiplying within the root canal system and spreading to the gum tissues. Like any dental procedure, there can be hits and misses with root canal treatment. There is no guarantee that every root canal treatment case would have 100% success for there may be certain factors beyond the dentist’s control or it might be just plain human error. Continue reading