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How to Temporarily Replace a Tooth Filling

You are starving. It’s that really annoying sensation down there that drives us all on an eating spree, devouring anything edible. However in your haste of consumption you fail to notice a small but hard piece of bone fragment in your freshly prepared chicken sandwich. You chomp into it. Very hard. There is a moment of silence as a sharp crack vibrates your skull. You spit out what remains of your meal and discover two hard objects; chicken bone and a piece of tooth filling. It’s a Sunday, your family dentist is closed for the weekend. What do you do?

The filling has fallen out, and the pulp is more exposed now.

The very first thing that you should do is evaluate the site of fracture. Take notice of any or a combination of:

1.       Pain

2.       Sensitivity ( to air, cold or hot fluids )

3.       Extent  of the fracture

4.       Bleeding

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