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How Will Your Dentist Communicates With Your Child Without Any Problems?

Communicative management is universally used in pediatric dentistry with both the cooperative and uncooperative child. (Chambers, 1976) It comprises the most fundamental form of behavior management in that it is the basis for establishing a relationship with the child which may allow a successful completion of dental procedures and at the same time, may help the child develop positive attitudes towards dental care. It is the means bu which the dentist gets his point across, making himself understood by the use of words or expressions. One should always try to establish communication from the 1st entry into the reception area.

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When Should a Toddler Go to the Dentist

school dental service provided by the MDA. Treatments are carried out by the dental nurse

In Malaysia, we are blessed for we are given free dental services in the primary and secondary schools nationwide by the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). Due to the expensive charges from private dentists, and the long waiting line in government dental clinics, many parents are very reluctant to bring their children to see the dentist. Some of parents could not even afford it. Most of the parents have the concept that, milk teeth (the baby’s first set of teeth) are going to fall out sooner or later, so they are not important at all. This is not true, as poorly taken care of milk teeth will lead to many problems in the future, and in some circumstances, will negatively affect the permanent teeth. Continue reading