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How to Fix a Stuck Toothpaste Pump

Toothpaste pump

Toothpaste pumps are handy gadgets, and are also known as automatic toothpaste dispenser. They can pump out a measured toothpaste blob just right for a toothbrush. A toothpaste pump can be used with one hand, making it easy for people in a hurry, for children and for people with hand-coordination problems. Unlike a tube, it is made of a hard plastic and functions by pressing a knob on top rather than squeezing the tube.It was developed by someone in Germany, however, whom by is unknown, but it is known that there were a number of technical difficulties with the item before the item was perfected, these included storing the toothpaste in the tube without it drying out or indeed becoming too wet and runny, and perfecting the function of the tube, and ensuring it works correctly. Henkel were the first known in the world to sell their toothpaste in a pump. Sometimes the pumps quit working even if the pump tube still has toothpaste. With these simple steps you can get the toothpaste pump working again. Continue reading