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Types of pontic Part 2

Surgical Preparation of the Pontic Recipient Site

If the level of the healing ridge is too far corbnal for an esthetic pontic, the anatomical topography of the site must be determined by needle probing under local anesthesia. If there is a thickness of 3 or 4 mm of soft tissue above the alveolus in the center of the ridge, it is necessary only to perform soft tissue gingivoplasty, developing an anatomical configuration compatible with the two adjacent teeth. This is easily accomplished with a rotary diamond instrument. A 1 mm concavity for the base of the pontic, further apical to the maximal curvature of the adjacent marginal gingiva, is developed. To fit into this area, the temporary pontic is relined with self-curing acrylic, trimmed, and polished, allowing the tissue to heal around this ovate form. Continue reading