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Oral Submucous Fibrosis Part 2

Buccal mucosa, faucial pillars ,soft palate, lips and hard palate.
The fibrous bands in the buccal mucosa run in a vertical direction ,sometimes so marked that the cheeks are almost immovable.
In the soft palate the fibrous bands radiate from the pterygomandibular raphe or the faucial pillars and have a sear like appearance

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Oral Submucous Fibrosis Part 1

(J.J Pindborg and Sirsat 1966)
It is an insidious chronic disease affecting any part of the oral cavity and sometimes the pharynx. Although occasionally preceded by and /or associated with vesicle formation ,it is always associated with juxta-epithelial inflammatory reaction followed by a fibro-elastic changes of the lamina propria with epithelial atrophy leading to stiffness of the oral mucosa and causing trismus and inability to eat.

First described among five East African women of Indian origin under the term Atrophia idiopathica (tropica) Mucosae Oris by Schwartz 1952
Joshi in 1953 is credited to be the first person who described it and gave the present term “Oral sub-mucous fibrosis”.
In the year 1954, Su. 1. P. from Taiwan described similar condition, which he called “Idiopathic Scleroderma of mouth”

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