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Heat mouldable impression tray Part 2

Mandibular stock trays will sit on top of large mandibular tori, or at best scrape the lingual tissue covering the tori during the impression, again resulting in complications during the impressioning phase for any application. In the past, solutions included cutting down the lingual flanges to make them end superior to the mandibular torus, or to take a preliminary impression which was not seated fully and then from the model fabricated, make a custom tray and re-impress. Clinicians have also attempted to use maxillary trays to impress lower arches, however it is difficult if not impossible to retract the tongue to accomplish this procedure. Yung-tsung has suggested taking a maxillary tray, cutting out the palatal portion and adding utility wax to create a tray that will capture lingual tori. Until now, there has not been an easy solution for satisfactorily modifying a stock tray to impress a maxillary tuberosity, unless one removes the centre of a plastic tray, and most often it required a first impression doing the best one could clinically, and then following with a final impression utilizing a custom tray fabricated from the initial model. Continue reading

How to Make a Model of Permanent Teeth

Dental models are three-dimensional reproductions of a patient’s teeth and gums, according to “Torres and Ehrlich Modern Dental Assisting.” Also called study casts, these models are valuable diagnostic tools for creating devices such as dentures or braces, or for making temporary crowns or mouth guards. Whatever the reason, making a permanent teeth model is easy to do, if you don’t mind having plaster in your mouth for a few minutes. You could do it yourself with a few pieces of equipment, or you could have your local dentist make a mold for you. It is painless and doesn’t take more than an hour to complete. With these models, the dentist can study a patient’s mouth at angles he or she cannot reach during a regular patient examination in the dental chair. Continue reading