Toothbrush sanitizer

People all across the world utilize a toothbrush sanitizer to rid their toothbrushes off the plethora of germs and bacteria that thrive on them. These germs are believed to be one of the leading causes of various ailments such as Candida, cold and flu, Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, Meningitis, Herpes, and HIV etc.

Types of Toothbrush Sanitizers

Various types of toothbrush sanitizers are widely available these days, however, the two most common types are steam and UV or ultraviolet light based ones.

Steam based sanitizers kill the germs that live on your tooth brush by using steam and dry heat. Obviously, this not only cleans your tooth brush to the core, but dries it up as well, which makes it next to impossible for germs to breed on it.

Then there are Ultraviolet light based sanitizers, which utilize UV light to get rid of the germs. All you need to do is place your tooth brush inside the unit, press the button and let the UV light complete its cycle. This sanitization method is extremely popular and is rather efficient as well.

A majority of these equipments run on batteries, but a few of them even make use of the mains. This obviously affects their portability and would help you decide where it should be placed. These commonly have the ability to hold up to 4 toothbrushes. A few of them even let you place razors. They are available in both wall mounted and free standing models. Their price generally varies from between $12 to $50.

There are many people out there who believe that a toothbrush sanitizer is a waste of money and is not really required. The truth is that these toothbrush cleaners have managed to become a necessity, considering that unclean toothbrushes can make you vulnerable to a number of diseases and ailments.

Why You Need A Toothbrush Sanitizer

Many people have realized the importance and necessity of using toothbrush sanitizer and they have started using it to protect and prevent themselves from getting affected with several disease. Let us see why it is important.

After several tests and examinations, scientists and researchers have lately discovered the fact that around one hundred millions of bacteria is likely to exist on a tooth brush. They are generally susceptible to developing bacteria since they remain damp for a longer period. While we brush the teeth, bacteria and other germs from our mouth also colonizes and begins to multiply.

Presence of bacteria can lead towards the several health ailments like cough and cold, sore throat, stomach bugs, swine flu, gum disease, tooth decay, etc.

Bacteria can grow on a brush within a week of using it for the first time and it grows rapidly and remains in the brush until something is done to destroy the bacteria. Those germs can be destroyed only by the toothbrush sanitizers.

These products are relatively new in the market and are purposefully designed to help the people to stay away from germs and bacteria when they brush their teeth. These products facilitate bacteria free brushing.

These products are exclusively designed to fit for individual requirements as well as for the requirement of sanitization for the entire family at the same time. Several versions are available they perform dual functions. They are used for cleanliness as well as for holding.

So how effective it is and how it works? Toothbrush sanitizers have the ability to remove around 99.9% of the bacteria and germs. It is done by using UV rays or done through combining the dry heat and steam. The manufacturers of these products designed it in a way to utilize the Ultraviolet rays to the maximum extent for sanitizing. Some of these products work very quickly and it removes the germs in a couple of minutes.

Benefits Of A Toothbrush Sanitizer

Cleaning your tooth brush daily is as important as cleaning your tooth. Maintaining a proper hygiene is important as it can prevent the growth and spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. It also saves you from dental disease that you may cause due to unhygienic tooth brushand lack of toothbrush sanitizer.

To make your tooth brush hygiene free, one should carry a tooth brush sanitizer all the time, even when you are traveling. It is effective and it kills the bacteria that get deposit on the tooth brush. It is also quite cheap and easy to use.

Many people have a myth that if they had washed the tooth brush simply with the water after use, then it will be germ free next time when they use it. It is a normal tendency that in a hurry many people use to keep the tooth brush after use in a wet condition, this wetness becomes the home for bacteria and with daily usage in a same manner they multiply and grow.

When you seriously think, you will find that bacteria of your mouth get carried onto the brush when you clean your teeth and they stay there till you make use of toothbrush sanitizer to make it germ free and hygienic to use it again.

By making a habit of cleaning tooth brush daily will help you to maintain an oral hygiene. If you see the long term benefit of it then, it prevents you from many dreadful and painful tooth and mouth diseases. The toothbrush sanitizer is a very small and handy which is very easy to carry while traveling. It is very compact and ideal for the daily usage.

It is highly commercial and you get them in medical stores or provisional stores in very affordable prices. All you need is two AA batteries to make the device functioning. The device is very effective to maintain the tooth hygiene. Being so useful, still many people are not aware about the use of this device.