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Are Dental Veneers for You?

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Having deep stains, mottled or pitted and discolored teeth can be an embarrassment to some and these stains may need to be restored by a dentist with dental bonding procedures such as composite bonding, veneers or full crowns to provide a more aesthetic appearance. Although not as conservative as bleaching, the procedures may assist in achieving a more wholesome facial image. Continue reading

Tooth dilaceration

Tooth dilaceration

Tooth dilaceration

Tooth dilaceration is a developmental problem which involves the malformation of tooth either at the crown or root portion. This results in altered morphology or shape of the tooth, commonly manifest as extreme bends or curves in an otherwise straight tooth.

Cause of tooth dilaceration

The usual cause behind tooth dilaceration is trauma to the tooth while it is still forming. This causes a distortion in position of the forming tooth, resulting in the remaining part to form at an angle. The extent and point of dilaceration, whether it affects the crown or the root, is determined by the trauma induced. Continue reading

Dental Bonding

Nursing bottle decay  in a young child, composite bonding is used to build up the crown

Nursing bottle decay in a young child, composite bonding is used to build up the crown

Dental Bonding or bonding teeth is a procedure whereby a material resembling natural teeth is joined onto the tooth surface. This is done to improve the appearance and function of the tooth. It is commonly used in fillings for decayed teeth. There are two types of Dental Bonding. Direct Dental Bonding and Indirect Dental Bonding. For Direct Bonding, the Dental Bonding agents which are used include composite (resins), GIC (glass ionomer cements) and ready made composite veneers. This procedure can usually be completed within 30 -45 minutes. In the case of Indirect Bonding, the Dental Bonding Agents used here would be porcelain veneers. Multiple visits are usually needed for this procedure as extra fabrication time in the lab is needed to custom make these porcelain veneers. Continue reading