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How to Handle Traumatic Injuries to Your Child’s Teeth Part 2

Continued from Part 1

First aid advice for parent or caregivers

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Always check the child’s clothing for avulsed teeth that are thought to be lost. It is important that parents, caregivers and teachers have assess to appropriate advice on the management of avulsed teeth. Timing is essential and this information can be given over the telephone. Continue reading

How to Handle Traumatic Injuries to Your Child’s Teeth Part 1

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The management of tooth fracture in children is distressing for both child and parent and often difficult for the dentist. However, trauma is one of the most common presentations of young children to a pediatric dentist. Trauma not only compromises a previously healthy dentition but may also leave a deficit that affects the self-esteem and quality of the life and commits the person to life-long dental maintenance. Continue reading

How to Prevent Sport Injuries to the Mouth

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Sports injuries are a common thing especially among the young people. Contact or collision sports tend to inflict certain amount of injury to the body but this can be reduced with the use of protective equipments, such as a mouth guard. Continue reading

Is it normal to clench my teeth frequently?



 If you do clench/grind your teeth frequently during night or day, you could be having bruxism. Bruxism is the habitual grinding or clenching oh the teeth during day or night, awake or sleeping. The incidence of bruxism has been variously reported as between 5% to 20 %.

Bruxism is divided into 2 types :

a) Day Time Bruxism also known as Diurnal Bruxism. Continue reading