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Hard Vs. Soft Denture Reline

Denture fitting is so crucial to comfortable use that a slight misalignment can create many far-reaching problems in your mouth. Due to the nature of gums, dentures need adjustments from time to time to properly fit. Gums and jawbone shrink with time as part of the natural aging process.  Dentures that may have fit perfectly at first can become unsuitable for chewing as they loosen and slide around. Two types of adjustments are available: hard reline and soft reline. Both types of relines can either be performed in office or by using a do-it-yourself denture reline kit. Continue reading

What Is a Denture Reline?

Denture is a prostheses that replaces the missing tooth and the tooth supporting structures. It can either be removable, or fixed. After a denture has been worn for a long time, the shape of the base can change and no longer conform to the shape of the mouth. This can lead to loosening of the denture and resulting in discomfort. When this happens, the denture has to be remade. While waiting for the new denture to be fabricated, the base of the old denture can be changed to improve the comfort of the wearer temporarily. This procedure is known as relining. The reline material will fill the gap between the existing denture base and the surface of the oral tissue, making the denture adapted to the shape of the mouth. Continue reading