Chrome cobalt dentures – Q & A

What is chrome cobalt denture?

Chrome cobalt dentures are dentures made from cast cobalt chrome framework/base. They are made of a type of allow which consists of cobalt, chrome, chromium (which is added to prevent corrosion).

What are the advantages of chrome cobalt dentures over acrylic dentures?

1)      Chrome cobalt dentures are cast to fit your teeth. Hence they are more stable and retentive compared to normal acrylic dentures.

2)      Chrome cobalt denture has higher dimensional stability compared to acrylic dentures, which means it will not change its shape easily.

3)      Chrome cobalt denture has higher thermal conductivity compared to acrylic dentures which allow you to feel the temperature of food and beverages which you have consumed.

4)      Chrome cobalt dentures are more hygienic compared to acrylic dentures. This is because they are less porous and lessen the accumulation of food, plaque and calculus on metal surface.

5)      Chrome cobalt dentures are lighter in weight. They can be cast thinner than acrylic dentures while maintaining its strength.

What are the disadvantages of chrome cobalt dentures over acrylic dentures?

1)      Chrome cobalt dentures are less esthetic compared to acrylic dentures.

2)      Chrome cobalt dentures are slightly more expensive than acrylic dentures.

What are the procedures involved if I opt for chrome cobalt dentures?

Construction of chrome cobalt dentures may take around 4 to 5 dental appointments.

Your dental practitioner will :

1)      Diagnose and design your denture after performing thorough examination of your oral tissues.

2)      Obtain a good preliminary impression (most likely using a material called alginate)

3)      Mouth preparation during the next visit ( Rest seat preparation is prepared using light pressure with a high speed handpiece. Rest is a component of removable partial denture which plays an important part to provide stability and retention.

4)      Final impression is taken by your dental operator and sent to laboratory to construct the denture’s framework.

5)      After the framework is constructed, your dental operator will try in the metal framework to check its fit and retention.

6)      The next appointment is called try in as the dental operator will try out the denture while it is still in the wax form.

7)      Delivery of chrome cobalt denture

8)      Periodic recall to check on your denture’s fit, whether you are having any soreness due to wearing the denture.

What are the indications of chrome cobalt dentures?

Metal based dentures can be used wherever acrylic resin bases are used.  However, the esthetic of the denture can be compromised unless the metal is covered with sufficient thickness of acrylic.  A grayish hue of the underlying metal can become visible. However, metal based denture cannot be relined so they are generally not used for tooth tissue borne partial denture. (reline is a process where by your dentist the adjust the internal part of the base of your dentures with an acrylic resin to correct their fit. )

What are the components of chrome cobalt dentures?

1)      Rest : Rest is a component of removable partial denture which rests on a prepared tooth surface. Rests serve to direct all kind of forces along the tooth and to allow denture to stay on its place. They also contribute to your denture stability and retention. Preparation of rest seats involve minimal removal of tooth structure (1-1.5mm) so no anesthesia is needed for this procedure.

2)      Connectors: A component of your denture which connects the various parts/components of your denture.  There are various designs of connectors such as covering the entire palate or horseshoe shaped connectors. Design of connector is based on your oral condition( whether a torus is present) and the number of remaining teeth.

3)      Clasp:    Clasps are metal components which emerge out from denture and encircle your tooth.  Clasps come in various designs and are placed into undercut areas. (present on tooth and determined by the process of surveying) This allows denture to resist dislodging forces in vertical direction. Some people might prefer having clasp free denture.

4)      Denture teeth : They can be made of acrylic or porcelain and they serve to replace your missing teeth.

5)      They serve to replace missing teeth and they can be made of acrylic or porcelain.Acrylic denture teeth are more compatible with acrylic denture base as they are made of same material. Pigments are added into it to resemble natural tooth color.  Porcelain denture teeth are made of the same porcelain material we used to construct dental crowns and bridges. One of the disadvantages of using porcelain denture teeth is they tend to create a clicking sound when they come into contact.

For more information on chrome cobalt dentures, please do not hesitate to consult your dentist before deciding on acrylic/chrome cobalt dentures.