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Ideal toothbrush and toothbrushing methods part 2

Braun D12.013Electric Toothbrushes or Power Toothbrushes

The first toothbrush powered by electricity was developed by Bermann and Woog in Switzerland and was introduced in the US in 1960 as the “Broxodent”. In 1961, a cordless tooth brush model was introduce in General Electric. These early powered toothbrush consisted of an electric motor encased in a plastic and detachable toothbrushes. They used battery or alternating current to function. Studies of these early electric toothbrush showed that there was no difference in plaque removal when compared to a manual toothbrush, however when assessing effects on controlling gingivitis, results were mixed. Continue reading

Ideal toothbrush and tooth brushing methods part 1


Did you know that the world’s first toothbrush was a just a stick about the size of a pencil. One end was chewed into thus becoming softened and brush-like while the opposite end was pointed and used as a toothpick to clean food and debris from between the teeth. The twigs used were carefully chosen from aromatic trees that had the ability to clean and freshen the mouth. The earliest literature showing the use of these twigs is found in Chinese literature at around 1600 BC.

It has now evolved into the toothbrushes we see today. Nowadays toothbrushes can be broadly categorized into manual toothbrushes and electronic toothbrushes.

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