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10 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Many people yearn for whiter teeth. Although going to the dentist for bleaching of your teeth is one of the solutions, there are also a few tips maintaining or getting whiter teeth by yourself. There are many causes of stained teeth. And these causes are broadly classified into extrinsic factors, and intrinsic factors. Continue reading

How to care for your dentures

You need to take care of your dentures

You need to take care of your dentures

Dentures are meant to take the place of a person’s natural teeth to allow proper chewing to maintain adequate nutrition and psychological aid to preserve appearance. Dentures that do not fit properly or hurt the mouth are not useful for chewing and could lead to denture-related problems in the mouth. Therefore proper care is needed to keep dentures fitting properly and comfortably and it is your own responsibility to do so. Continue reading